Trouble With Master Chicken

Is the game broken? Something not working?

Trouble With Master Chicken

Postby jldcat » Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:35 am

I'm in the first area with Tyson's group where you have to talk to Maverick beside the chest, the farmer at his house, and the Master Chicken.

No matter how many times I talk to all of them I can never get Master Chicken to come up in the topics to talk to Maverick about. I've read the walkthrough and even found that sequence on a video on youtube. I followed the youtube video exactly and where the video Maverick has the topic Master Chicken, my Maverick doesn't. It has to be a glitch. I've done everything else, spoken to everyone multiple times, restarted the game even and it still won't come up in the conversation.

I was sent this game via a link from Dan and it has Special Edition on the first screen. Is this a glitch?

Edit: Still can't get by the Master Chicken. I've spoken to everyone, covering their topics only once and I still don't get Master Chicken as a topic with Maverick.

Does anyone maybe have a save for right after that point?

Edit 2: I figured out a workaround and wanted to post it in case someone else has the same problem. As I think I mentioned in the first post, I'd gotten the link from Daniel for the game. What I did was delete that version of the game and downloaded the demo from this site. I went in and did the whole chicken episode (it worked) saved it then deleted the demo and re-downloaded the version from the link.

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