Game runs extremely slow and poorly at startup.

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Game runs extremely slow and poorly at startup.

Postby Spatest » Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:01 pm

Hello everyone!

I recently acquired the Lilly and Sasha : Curse of the Immortals from Steam and as I went to start it up things happened.
1. It pulled all of my open windows on my 2nd monitor to the main monitor and kept the 2nd one blank.
2. Once it was loaded up and at the "John Wizard" point I noticed that my mouse cursor was extremely slow and jumpy on the responses. I hit ESC and moved past that screen and managed to click "New Game" hoping it would stop the FPS shortage. Unfortunately it did not stop it and stayed less than 5 FPS (This is a guess due to the fact that I could not get my FPS counter to work in this game as it does in my other Steam games)

I'm not entirely sure as to why it is doing this since I can run games such as: Dark Souls 3, Civilization 5, and The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited completely fine and above 20FPS plus some. I am assuming its more of a technical or compatibility issue but my knowledge on the matter is lacking. Are there any suggestions as to fix this or at least some knowledge as to why it does this?

Thanks ahead of time!
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